What I learned from…

What I learned from…

Spoilers Ahoy!

I will just write thoughts that popped into my head while playing these games.

Beyond: Two Souls

gamesPosted by Mikael Sun, November 03, 2013 08:27PM

Normality is an undervalued state in storytelling. Establishing a world that is close to reality does not only make the overall story more relatable, but the stark contrast to supernatural elements allows us to create a powerful impact through even the smallest things. The viewer is sensitized through details and provides the storyteller to be subtle, intelligent, and tasteful.

When we tell stories in games we tend to go right at plot and not characters. It’s probably because of a narrow perception of interaction and gameplay which forces us to be present within an often strict chronology, as if we were playing an unedited version of a reality show. If we allow things like time-jumps, cutting scenes short, playing scenes out of order, we can provide a much more engaging story and even frame the experience in a way that better makes the points we are going for.

Playing a character in different stages of its life is absolutely fantastic as every scene added provides a context that would otherwise be impossible. I especially find playing a child interesting, as we are allowed to be curious, out of control, while still observing and understanding our behavior from the the point of view of an adult.